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The COMPACT RANGE offers the following single or combined features: synchronizing, active and reactive load sharing, fixed power, fixed frequency or voltage, load dependent start/stop management, and protections. The COMPACT RANGE offers flexibility and time saving thanks to its simple wiring, all features included (no option), and easy engineering & programming.

Hardware & Display

The COMPACT RANGE is a new generator controller range available in both switchboard panel mounted version with display, or core base mounted version. The COMPACT RANGE is also compatible with i4GEN touchscreen color display.



The COMPACT RANGE is configurable from its front panel display, remote touchscreen, or through the free CRE PC software.


The COMPACT RANGE is well-suited for any PLC controlled systems interfacing with configurable binary and analog I/Os, or Modbus TCP communication; and a perfect controller to upgrade any existing single genset having a local control panel, into a ready to synchronize generator. 


The COMPACT RANGE is provided with all options included as standard and divided in 3 references to be more accurately adapted to your application:

  • SYNCHRO COMPACT is a synchronizing unit with dead bus bar management working in both manual and automatic mode.

  • ILS COMPACT is an automatic load sharing unit able to run 1 to 32 generators in parallel using CAN bus communication link.

  • PMS COMPACT is combining synchronizing & kW/kVAR load sharing, and can also be used to control a single genset in parallel with the mains.


Brochures here.

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